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The Situation

ZEST is a leading manufacturer of dental implants and overdenture attachments as a semi-permanent option to traditional adhesive dentures. ParkerWhite partnered with ZEST to develop a brand strategy for a direct-to-patient campaign and complete marketing toolkit for dentists to grow their practices. The InPlace patient marketing program not only drove leads directly to dentist offices, it built awareness for ZEST to grow its own customer base.

What we did:

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Creative Advertising Campaigns
Photography and Video
Website Design

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Original Campaign Photography

The photography took a light-hearted approach to address the frustrations that denture wearers suffer with. Playful and bright, the images served as a bold differentiator for the "keep your teeth InPlace" campaign.

inplace case study campaign

Comprehensive Patient Marketing Toolkit

The full toolkit included website with dentist locator, co-marketing landings page, in-office marketing, direct mail, and a :60 television spot.

inplace case study collateral
inplace case study landing page
inplace case study in office poster
inplace case study full campaign
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The Results

The InPlace program resulted in 374 clinicians signing up since the launch. The patient website drew over 3,200 site visits in the first six months with 10% of the site visitors using the clinician finder.

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