The Best Time to Rebrand?

Is your company dressed for the future from the inside out?

In the age of the empowered consumer, technology and branding must rapidly change to match the savvy consumer’s behavior.

Don’t get left behind.

Being committed to the evolution of your brand is vital to the innovation and upward growth of your company at large. So when is the right time to rebrand? Yesterday. Even if it means you are simply restructuring your Instagram featured stories, your brand should never be static. As a consumer yourself, you know if a static brand falls off your radar – it becomes irrelevant.

Here are 7 more real-life reasons to rebrand:

  1. Simply stay relevant.
  2. Expand your marketing by engaging with a new demographic.
  3. Your company made a big pivot or has simply outgrown the original mission statement.
  4. Outsmart your competition before they do.
  5. Disassociate from negative press or associations.
  6. Trends your brand embraced a few years ago translate as dated and out of touch today.
  7. Your famous but not getting sales. For example, the infamous Harley Davidson rebrand.

Branding in 2020

Brand communication, such as TV ads, no longer shapes culture like it did before the 2000s. Nowadays, brands influence customers via a comprehensive customer experience. Consumers are now savvier than ever about a company’s culture, social and economic purpose, and how the product/service makes them feel in society. This has lead people to judge a brand holistically instead of by a specific product or aspect of the company. Your company's branding is at the core of your customer's entire experience, thus giving way for your customers to build an end-to-end relationship with your company. In a recent study, nearly 86% of marketing executives said they expect to own the entire customer experience by 2020. Now is the time to start elevating your customer experience, even if you start with just a few channels. Economist Intelligence Unit released The Path to 2020, a global survey of 499 CMOs, and the majority of participants said top 3 channels of focus will be:

  1. Social media. Social media is one of the top channels to connect, influence, and learn from your consumer base. We understand that social media is constantly in a state of change, therefore frequently testing and innovating practices consistently helps our clients stand out from the crowd. Is it time to spice up your social media?
  2. Websites. Your website is the cornerstone of your company and it needs to intrigue within the first few seconds. Does your website make the “Wow” cut?
  3. Mobile apps/mobile web. The world is on their phones nonstop. Make your app their favorite place to be. Are people amped on your app?

Bottom line – if you haven’t looked into ways to modernize your branding…Start now because I guarantee your competition has. Branding is something we have been studying every day for over 20 years, and it shows in the success of our client’s growth and ROI. Check out a few case studies here.

7 More Real-Life Reasons Why You Need to Rebrand - PW